How to Wire an Alternator Gauge?

Answer When you have a vehicle with a lot of electrical demands, you want to keep an eye on how much power your alternator is putting out to the battery. The easy way to do that is to wire a gauge for you... Read More »

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What gauge wire should be used with a 130 amp alternator?

Wire gauge (awg) for a 130-amp alternator will vary according to voltage and length. A 12 volt, 100 to 150 amp alternator requires 4 awg for less than five feet, 2 awg for five to ten feet, 0 awg f... Read More »

Is 18 gauge remote wire the same as a regular 18 gauge speaker wire?

Is a 14 gauge wire larger than an 8 gauge wire?

A 14-gauge wire is not larger than an eight gauge wire. A 14-gauge wire is 0.064084 inches in diameter and an 8-gauge wire is 0.128496 inches in diameter. The larger the gauge wire, the smaller the... Read More »

I need to extend a 14 gauge, 600 volt stranded copper wire. Can I use solid wire?

yes you can use solid sure to get your wire nuts tight