How to Wire a Welder Plug?

Answer A welder can use the same electrical source as that of a clothes dryer with a three-prong plug. For this to work, the welder needs to wire into a plug with prongs shaped and spaced the same as the ... Read More »

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When installing a Y-shaped electric range plug and it has places for three wires and you have a black wire white wire and a bare copper wire so which wire goes where?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can ca... Read More »

How do you wire a 4 wire 110V appliance to a 3 wire wall plug?

Can you combine the black and red wire and connect it to the black wire from the house and have standard 110V service? Just take a little longer to cook?

How to Repair a Wire Feed Welder?

Wire feed welders -- also known as MIG (metal inert gas) welders -- use a continuous solid wire feed and external gas supply to produce welds, and are a vital tool for mechanics, metal-workers and ... Read More »

Wire-Feed Welder Tips?

Wire-feed welding, also called MIG welding, uses a continuous and consumable wire electrode fed through the welding gun, along with an inert gas to protect the weld from the atmosphere. Welders ori... Read More »