How to Wire a Starter Kill Switch?

Answer Vehicle theft is a big problem, but traditional equipment like alarms and steering wheel locks don't always seem to cut the mustard. A sneaky way to get around a car getting stolen is installing a ... Read More »

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How to Wire an Emergency Kill Switch?

An emergency kill switch, or E-stop button, is a safety device that turns off power with the push of a button. The work safety expert's goal is to remove all hazards from the operation of machinery... Read More »

How to Split a Wire From a Light Switch to Another Switch in the Bathroom?

Splitting a wire from the light switch to another switch in your bathroom requires basic electrical wiring knowledge. You can add a new switch using your original switch as the power supply to any ... Read More »

How to Wire a Battery to a Starter?

The battery must be wired to the starter for the starter to work. The wire must be a thick cable, as the starter uses amperage, not voltage, to start. The typical positive battery cable is 4 gauge.... Read More »

How to Wire an Engine Starter?

An engine starter is designed to spin the engine's crankshaft until the engine starts and runs on its own power. The starter is a very powerful motor that uses the vehicle's battery for power. The ... Read More »