How to Wire a Power Relay?

Answer It can be dangerous to try to directly actuate high-power electrical devices. However, many high-power circuits can be controlled by a low-power switch if the switch circuit is connected to a power... Read More »

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How to Wire a Car Relay?

Adding aftermarket improvements to sound systems, headlights and other electrical accessories can seriously overload the wiring in a modern car. In the effort to improve fuel mileage automakers red... Read More »

How to Wire a 12V Relay?

Most 12 volt relays operate accessories in a motor vehicle. Applying a small amount, as low as .2 amps of current to the relay coil closes contacts to feed power to an accessory that requires more ... Read More »

How to Wire a Relay for a Radiator Fan?

When installing an auxiliary fan or simply wiring the factory fan so that the driver can manually turn the fan on and off, make sure the fan is turning in the right direction. If the fan is not tur... Read More »

How to Wire a Nissan Relay?

Many of the electrical components on your Nissan car or truck are powered by devices called relays. Similar to fuses, relays tend to have larger power storage capacities and can regulate high volta... Read More »