How to Wire a Power Converter?

Answer Power converters are used to convert one type of power to another type. A common example is the DC to AC converter, also known as a power inverter. The second type is, as one might expect, the AC t... Read More »

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Can you wire 120v AC power from a 24v DC power source?

Generally speaking, you can "invert" 24-volt (DC) power to 120-volt (AC) power, using power inverter equipment. Because 120-volt AC powered devices rely on amperage as well as voltage, you should ... Read More »

Do I need a power converter in Jamaica?

Electricity in Jamaica is either 110 volts or 220 volts. Electricity in the United States is 110 volts. Therefore, unless your electrical appliance is rated to work between 110 and 220 volts, it is... Read More »

Do you need a power converter in Australia?

Travelers from the United States will need to take a power converter when traveling to Australia because the plug is shaped differently. Also, Australian electrical outlets are 230 volts while U.S... Read More »

Do I need a power converter in Trinidad?

The island of Trinidad's power operates at 115 volts and 60 hertz with most outlets accepting a standard North American plug. If you are coming from the U.S. or Canada, your electrical equipment sh... Read More »