How to Wire a Humminbird NS25 Fish Finder GPS Antenna?

Answer The Global Positioning System allows you to return to a spot time after time. To the angler this is a vital part of their equipment, allowing him to locate fish and then mark that spot to fish agai... Read More »

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How do I Wire a Fish Finder Onto a Small Electric Boat?

On the small electric boat, the battery not only provides power to the fish finder but to the electric motor that moves the boat. Series wiring, where the fish finder is connected to another instru... Read More »

How to Use a Fish Finder?

Using a fish finder to locate fish is not difficult, but it does take some practice and some getting used to. Once you learn though you will be able to locate more fish than you know how to catch. ... Read More »

How to Use a Garmin Fish-finder?

A Garmin fish-finder is an automatic sonar unit that is designed to help you find fish in a body of water. The fish-finder will show you a black-and-white picture of what is directly under the sona... Read More »

Who invented the fish finder?

Fish finder products are a type of sonar, which was invented by Lewis Nixon in 1906. The initial use for sonar was detecting submarines. The device has since been used to detect any underwater acti... Read More »