How to Wire a Ceiling Fan With Two On/Off Switches?

Answer Wiring two switches for a ceiling fan allows you to independently turn on and off the ceiling fan and light. This is a convenience when you need a light only and no fan or the vice versa. Ceiling f... Read More »

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How to Wire Battery Switches?

Battery switches are used in many applications to switch between two or more batteries that have been connected. A battery switch is commonly found in many types of motorboats and sailboats to prov... Read More »

How to Wire Three-Way & Four-Way Electric Switches?

A three-way switch allows you to operate a fixture from two different locations. Adding a four-way switch allows you to operate that same light fixture at any point between the two three-way switch... Read More »

How do I Wire Double Wall Switches?

Wiring a double wall switch is no more difficult than wiring a single switch. As long as you keep the wires for one light separate from the wires for the other, you should not have any problems. Th... Read More »

How Can I Wire Two Switches to Turn on One Light?

The electrical wiring of two light switches to operate one light is called a three-way switch. This is very common type of electrical wiring in homes today. This type of wiring is most common in st... Read More »