How to Wire a Ceiling Fan With Two On/Off Switches?

Answer Wiring two switches for a ceiling fan allows you to independently turn on and off the ceiling fan and light. This is a convenience when you need a light only and no fan or the vice versa. Ceiling f... Read More »

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How do I wire a ceiling fan with black& white wire?

PreparingTurn off the power. Remove the old fixture if there is one. Strip 1/2 inch off the end of the black and white wires hanging out of the ceiling electrical box. Repeat for the black and whit... Read More »

How to Wire Two Light Switches to Two Lights With One Post?

A single 15 amp circuit can have a maximum of 12 lights and switches installed on it. To be extra cautious and avoid blowing a breaker, limit yourself to eight to 10 lights. A residential electrica... Read More »

How do I wire a ceiling fan with a light& fan switch?

Wire IdentificationTurn off the breaker, and locate all the wires in the switch box in the wall. Coming from the fan, you should have a white wire (neutral), a bare copper wire (ground), a black wi... Read More »

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan With No Existing Source?

Ceiling fans are very common appliances in homes today. Most ceiling fans are installed at an existing source, such as an old light fixture box. But wiring a ceiling fan without an immediate power... Read More »