How to Wire a 6 Post 12 Volt Switch?

Answer A 6 post 12 volt switch is another name for a 6 pin 12 volt relay switch. Some relays have five pins which includes the two solenoid control pins and the three pins of the SPDT switch. A 6 post 12-... Read More »

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How to Wire a 12 Volt Battery Switch?

The most common use for a 12-volt battery switch is a cutoff type that disconnects the 12-volt battery from the electrical circuit. These switches are ideal for marine applications, when a boat goe... Read More »

How to Wire a Three-Way Electrical 12-volt Switch?

Three-way low-voltage switches are available in several different varieties. There are rocker, toggle and push-pull styles, and they come in a large number of colors and designs. These switches are... Read More »

How to Wire a Three-Way 110-Volt Light Switch?

Three-way switches allow one or more light fixtures to be turned on or off from two different locations. A room with two doors or a stairway would need three-way switches to turn the light on from ... Read More »

How to Wire in Two Batteries to an Isolation Switch on a 12 Volt System?

Some of the numerous advantages of having two batteries in your vehicle are the opportunity for reserve power, the ability to operate high-powered stereo systems, and being able to use electrical ... Read More »