How to Wire a 2 Way Speaker With a Rear Ambience Driver?

Answer Two way speakers, also known as bookshelf speakers, are common in home audio systems. Some two-way designs also incorporate a rear ambiance driver, which can be a tweeter wired out of phase with th... Read More »

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How can you wire headphones by using the rear speaker wires in a car stereo to power headphones in a motorcycle helmet need to have a disconnect in the cord too?

Connecting external speakers to new tv with speaker wire.?

You need your pioneer dvd changer / receiver to drive those 5 speakers. Keep the connections of speakers to dvd changer / receiver as it is (earlier). Most TVs got an RCA audio (video) out (White+... Read More »

How do i wire speakon connectors with my red/white speaker cable?

Very easy - Wire the red wire to 1+ and the black wire to 1-I owned a pair of SX200's years ago.

Best kind of wire for in-wall speaker wire installation?

16 or 14 guage does infact refer to the thickness of the wire. The more power (watts) you are delivering through the speakers the heavier guage wire you want to use. (14g is thicker than 16g). T... Read More »