How to Wire a 12 Volt Radiator Fan With Relay?

Answer Radiator fans are used to cool an automobile engine by forcing or drawing air through the radiator. Many automobiles manufactured after 1985 have electric fans connected to the radiator. Since many... Read More »

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How to Wire a 12-Volt Relay for a Fan?

Relays are used in many places in cars and trucks. Switching power to auxiliary lights is an example of this use. Using a relay allows you to run smaller wires through the vehicle, which is a consi... Read More »

How to Wire a Relay for a Radiator Fan?

When installing an auxiliary fan or simply wiring the factory fan so that the driver can manually turn the fan on and off, make sure the fan is turning in the right direction. If the fan is not tur... Read More »

Can you have 2 heaters with different watts give the same BTu's example of heaters-both 13650BTu 1240 volt radiator with settings for 600 900 1500 watts or a 24000watt 240 volt fan forced electic?

no you can not it would ruin your system for good. You have to get a heaters with the same watts

How to Wire Fog Lights With a Relay?

Adding fog lights to your car or truck is a great way to improve your driving safety in rain and fog. Fog lights are mounted low on the vehicle and their wide flat beam of light illuminates the roa... Read More »