How to Wire & Install a Water Heater?

Answer Your home's water heater plays an important part in your family's life, providing the hot water needed for cleaning, washing dishes and bathing. As time goes on, the water heater can begin to leak ... Read More »

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What gauge wire is used for a hot water heater?

The wire gauge size is determined by the amp size of a hot water heater. Most residential homes will have an amp output of 30 which will require a wire gauge of 10 for the water heater.Source:Reno... Read More »

What size wire do you need for an 80-gallon water heater?

Wire an 80-gallon water heater that uses 4500 watts of power at 240 volts and 19 amperes with 10-gauge wire. The National Electric Code requires 10-gauge wire for loads up to 30 amps, but an 80 per... Read More »

What size wire is needed for a water heater?

Service wire for an electric water heater must be of the right size to provide proper amperage and voltage for the design of the specific heater.Source:Replace a Water Heater

How to Wire the Timer for an Electric Hot Water Heater?

Wiring a timer to your electric hot water heater can save energy. It turns the electricity on to the water heater, allowing water to heat when you need it most and turns the electricity off at nigh... Read More »