How to Wire Electronic Audio Stereo Jacks?

Answer If you work with audio equipment or musical instruments, at some point you're likely to find yourself having to wire a cable, either to produce a custom cable connecting to obscure pieces of kit, o... Read More »

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Are all female 3.5mm jacks stereo?

now a days mono doesnt come i guessall are suppost to be sterobut u have bigger wires i guessHAPPY NEW YEAR

Can I Install RCA Jacks to My Factory Stereo?

When a vehicle is manufactured, a basic factory stereo is typically installed as well. Most do not have added features, like RCA jacks, but they can be added after the vehicle is purchased for runn... Read More »

Need Audio Mic Help! Why use 3-pin Phantom Power over 3.5mm Jacks?

Theatrical performances aren't halted so the audio guy can change battery that dies.It is a matter of reliability. Also 3.5 mm jacks pull out easy if the mic cord is tugged

Can you plug in headphones into audio jacks on the side of your tv?

If there is a 3.5mm jack socket on the television, it is almost certain to be a headphone output. Other connectors such as RCA (phono) connectors are not intended for headphone use. It's always wor... Read More »