How to Wire Amps?

Answer Many external speakers in an audio system require a great deal of power to provide the desired sound at the desired volume. What takes the incoming music and increases its power is the amplifier. T... Read More »

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Why is your ac wired in 10-2 wire and your dryer wired w 10-3 wire when both are units that require 220 v30 amps?

Answer some motors, like the one in a dryer, require a nuetral. other 220 volt motors only need the two hot legs.

How to Wire Four DVC Subs at Two Ohm Amps?

Wiring a two-channel amplifier to drive four dual voice coil subwoofers is a little more complex than the average install. Jumping from speaker to speaker, wiring is done to protect the amplifier ... Read More »

How many amps can 10 gauge wire support?

According to the Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas, the amperage of a wire depends on its thickness, the insulation and the cooling air around it. As a standard, a 10-gauge wire, when used... Read More »

How many amps can an 8 gauge wire carry?

According to, 8 gauge wire can hold a steady current of about 52 amps. The total amp power at 60 percent efficiency is approximately 430 watts, or 31.1 amps. The recommended fuse size for... Read More »