How to Wipe the Hard Drive on an Older Macintosh?

Answer Older Macintosh computers ran on a different operating system than Mac OS X computers use today. At the time, it was called "Mac OS" but now it is most often referred to as "Mac Classic." To comple... Read More »

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I have an older PC and the hard drive is full. How can I copy it to a larger hard drive?

what you are looking to do is called drive imaging. it will allow you to make an exact, bootable image of your old hard drive and put it on your new hard drive while leaving you all the extra space... Read More »

How to Repair a Macintosh Hard Drive?

For safety, you should go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility, click your start-up disk in the sidebar and click Verify Disk to check it. But when it says something is wrong, you gotta repai... Read More »

How to Convert a Macintosh Hard Drive to Fat 32?

Apple Macintosh computers running the Mac OS X operating system use the Hierarchical File System Plus (HFS+) as their native file system. HFS+ supports features necessary for the proper operation o... Read More »

How do I wipe a hard drive clean?

Download or purchase a wipe program. Disk-wiping programs are programs that overwrite the data on your computer with meaningless ones and zeros. Click on the downloaded application or the applicati... Read More »