How to Wipe a Samsung I730?

Answer When you want to wipe all the data stored in your Samsung i730, a hard reset is the answer. Like many smart phones, the i730 has a dedicated reset button that can be pressed to perform a soft reset... Read More »

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How to Unlock Nextel i730?

It can be pretty aggravating to pay big money for the perfect cell phone, only to find out later that other companies are offering rate plans that better fit your needs. It can be even more aggrava... Read More »

How to Install a SIM Card on a I730 Motorola Phone?

Like many modern cellular phones, the Motorola i730 flip phone uses a small SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card to transmit user information to the service provider for billing purposes. That mea... Read More »

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What HDMI cable do I get to use with my new Samsung 3D T.V and Samsung 3D bluray player?

Save your money and buy the cheapest one with the best return policy (just to cover all bases in case you need to return it)HDMI cable is HDMI cable and no amount of advertising by Monster and Sony... Read More »