How to Winter a Geranium Plant?

Answer Geraniums are usually treated as annuals, enjoyed for one growing season and sadly discarded or relegated to the compost pile after the plant freezes in autumn. With a little effort, it isn't diffi... Read More »

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How do I store geranium plants over winter?

Prepare Plants for StorageBefore the first frost in the fall, dig up geraniums planted in garden beds or lift potted geraniums out of their containers with a trowel. Remove the soil from the roots ... Read More »

Can you grow a plant from a geranium plant clipping?

You can propagate a geranium plant from a cutting. Cut a shoot at least 3 to 5 inches long and remove the bottom leaves. Dip the cut bottom in a rooting hormone to encourage root growth, and plant ... Read More »

Is geranium an acidic plant?

The vibrant geranium grows well with ample sun and medium to cool temperatures. For optimal growth, it requires moist, well-drained soil with essential nutrients. It thrives in soil with a slightly... Read More »

How do I plant hardy geranium?

SoilPrepare well-draining, loosely packed soil with a neutral pH for hardy geraniums. Add a bit of compost, if desired. Hardy geraniums do well in most soils, as long as it is not too moist.SunPlan... Read More »