How to Wind a Spiral Perm Rod?

Answer Many women with naturally straight hair want curls, so they get perms to achieve the naturally curly look and give their hair some body. One specialized type of perm is a spiral perm, where the cur... Read More »

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How to Spiral Perm Hair?

A spiral perm is a great way to give long straight hair curls, body and bounce. Spiral perms can be tedious to achieve, but with a little practice and a lot of patience, the results are fabulous. ... Read More »

Spiral Perm Directions?

The chemicals in perming lotions are made to enter into the hair shaft where it alters the keratin and loosens the inner layer of the hair. This way it can be formed into a new fixed shape. The neu... Read More »

How to Wrap a Spiral Perm?

Wrapping hair for a spiral perm is fundamentally different from wrapping hair for a regular perm because you are attempting to achieve two different things. A regular perm is intended more to add b... Read More »

Types of Rods for a Spiral Perm?

When the time comes to create a wavy or curly pattern to your hair, choose from many different perming rods for the task of perming your hair. The chemical in the perm molds the hair into waves and... Read More »