How to Win a COBRA Appeal?

Answer COBRA benefits are a continuation of your health-care plan after you have lost health coverage due to a qualifying event. Qualifying events include losing your job, a reduction in hours that makes... Read More »

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Living in Ct - currently on cobra - is ex-wife responsible for paying half of children's current cobra premium?

Answer What does your Judgement for Divorce say?when your COBRA expires

Is the COBRA stimulus only for medical or all items on COBRA?

The stimulus package temporarily reduces the premium you pay in accordance with Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). If you become eligible for COBRA because of your or a family ... Read More »

How to Have Sex Appeal?

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How to Appeal a PFA?

In some states, a restraining order filed against a spouse is called a Protection From Abuse or PFA. The person seeking protection must file the order with the appropriate court with a modicum of e... Read More »