How to Win & Study for a Spelling Bee?

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How to Study for a Spelling Bee?

Have you ever studied really hard? Are you a good speller? Well if you are, you should be in a spelling bee. They may be the perfect fit for you! This will give you some more ideas on how to do you... Read More »

How to Help a Second Grader Study for a Spelling Bee?

Participation in spelling bees---where children compete by spelling words verbally---helps youngsters increase their vocabularies. Yet spelling bees do more than teach children how to spell words. ... Read More »

Spelling Study Games?

Studying spelling can be fun. You can find a variety of enjoyable spelling study games that allow for different learning styles. If you learn by seeing things, then you are a visual learner. Audito... Read More »

How to Study for a Spelling Test?

Practice makes perfect. When you study for a test, you need to continually review the material until it becomes natural and stuck in your long term memory. This article will give some tips and sugg... Read More »