How to Whiten and Bleach Skin?

Answer Prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation results in blotchy dark spots on the skin caused by an increase in melanin. You can create skin whiteners w... Read More »

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Can bleach be used to whiten teeth?

Household bleach should never be used in an attempt to whiten teeth. Chlorine bleach is a corrosive agent--this means it destroys or corrodes fabric or skin with repeated contact. Oral tissue is so... Read More »

How to Whiten Whites With Oxygen Bleach & Boiling?

Oxygen bleach is safe to use on most fabrics and in all temperatures of water. Oxygen bleach normally comes in powdered forms and, unlike chlorine bleach, works to remove the stains causing whites ... Read More »

Can a Person Use Clorox Bleach to Whiten Teeth?

Teeth whitening has become a popular trend for people wanting a younger-looking smile with whiter teeth. Although at-home whitening kits, whitening toothpastes, natural home remedies and in-office ... Read More »

Can I use regular household bleach to whiten my teeth...?

are you RETARDEDhave you ever read the label on bleach? it says WARNING: do not ingest. there's a reason why it says that.