How to Whiten a Dead Nail?

Answer Like any other part of your body, your nails are susceptible to harmful bacteria and fungi. Some of these invaders are so powerful that they can kill your nails and leave them with a yellow, purple... Read More »

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How to Whiten Nail Beds?

Yellow nail beds are usually the result of staining due to heavily pigmented nail polish colors, such as black or red. Even after you remove the nail polish, it can leave behind slight traces of co... Read More »

How to Whiten Nail Tips?

The tips of your fingernails are subject to all sorts of abuse, from nail polish stains to collecting everyday grime. Whether it's because of polish residue or dirt, nail tips can become discolored... Read More »

The Quickest Way to Get a Dead Toe Nail to Come Off?

Toenail fungus is often embarrassing, unsightly, and painful and can lead to dead toenails. Infections can occur in both fingernail and toenails, but toenails are more prone to fungus because of th... Read More »

Dead skin or wart under nail?

It is impossible for us to know. It may have been residue and dead cells from the wart or just skin.