How to Weld a Rod Onto a Socket Wrench?

Answer Welding a rod to a socket wrench to extend your reach when working on your vehicle is a task easily accomplished with the correct tools. But even with the necessary tools, you need to take your tim... Read More »

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Butt Weld Vs. Socket Weld?

The butt weld and the socket weld are two different ways to weld two pieces of material together. The joint weld is specific to pipe or tubing, but there is a similar condition for flat stock.

How do I put a socket wrench together?

Socket Wrench AssemblyAssemble a socket wrench by connecting the appropriate size socket for your bolt. A socket wrench consists of two parts, the handle and the socket. The handle has two faces. O... Read More »

How to Use a Normal Socket With an Impact Wrench?

Using a normal socket with an impact wrench is no different than using an impact socket with an impact wrench. The difference between the two sockets is the thickness and hardness of the material u... Read More »

How to Remove a Stuck Socket Or Wrench?

It is not uncommon to get a socket or wrench stuck onto the head of a bolt. This happens when the head of the bolt is damaged of you attempt to use the wrong wrench or socket. For example, you forc... Read More »