How to Weld With Stick Welders?

Answer Stick metal arc welding is the most familiar and common type of welding; it involves supplying low-voltage, high-current electrical power to a workpiece. The arc struck between the welding rod and ... Read More »

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Can MIG welders weld titatium?

Titanium is too hard of a metal to weld with metal inert gas (MIG) welding. MIG welding is best for soft to medium metal such as aluminum, stainless steel and mild steels. Workers must use tungsten... Read More »

How to Stick Weld?

Learning how to stick weld can save you money over time in home repairs. Welding can be especially useful if you work on equipment, own a farm, or have a hobby that involves steel work. Stick weldi... Read More »

How to Use a J-B Stick Weld?

J-B Stick Weld solution is renowned for its ability to bind to a variety of surfaces, ranging from fiberglass to paper to steel. Like metal, J-B weld can be sanded, painted,and drilled. Fortunately... Read More »

How to Stick Weld Metal?

Stick welding is the least expensive type of welding, and as such, is a great learning tool for those new to welding. Stick welding is a much better setup than other typical welding methods (i.e. m... Read More »