How to Weld With Oxygen Acetylene?

Answer Welding with oxygen and acetylene is a cheap and time-efficient way to complete metal projects yourself. The tool for this type of welding is called an oxy-acetylene torch. In addition to being ine... Read More »

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How to Weld Oxy Acetylene?

Oxy acetylene welding, sometimes referred to as "gas" welding, uses acetylene gas as the fuel for the welding torch. The flame produced by an oxy acetylene welding torch heats the metals you're wel... Read More »

How to Weld Aluminum With Acetylene?

The oxy-acetylene torch, which uses fuel gases and air for welding, is relatively inexpensive and suitable for welding aluminum. Although this type of welding produces excess vapor as well as occas... Read More »

How to Use Oxygen Acetylene Welding Torches?

Oxygen acetylene welding requires following safe procedures. It can be dangerous unless you observe the proper precautions. The area must be free of inflammables, the equipment must be free of leak... Read More »

Butt Weld Vs. Socket Weld?

The butt weld and the socket weld are two different ways to weld two pieces of material together. The joint weld is specific to pipe or tubing, but there is a similar condition for flat stock.