How to Weave a Round Paper Basket?

Answer Traditionally, baskets are woven from a variety of hardwoods including ash, oak and hickory. Recently, according to Basket, artisans have started using more tropical materials including... Read More »

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How to Weave a Construction Paper Basket?

Baskets have a long history--nearly as long as humankind. They were the original shopping bags, carrying food, clothing, everything portable. Baskets were made of twigs, grasses, vines and other ma... Read More »

How to Weave a Basket?

Long considered a joke of a college major for the non-gifted, basket weaving has actually caught on as a serious art form. So serious, in fact, that a few good companies have made the art of basket... Read More »

How to Weave an Indian Basket?

Learn to make an American Indian basket by studying the different techniques and weaving methods used by Native Americans, from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwestern United States. As you learn... Read More »

How to Weave a Plastic Basket?

When you think of baskets, plastic may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Traditionally, baskets have been made out of natural materials, such as jute, palms, fronds, cotton and even hemp. ... Read More »