How to Wear a Paula Young Wig?

Answer The days of unnatural looking wigs are gone. Today's wigs can match your hair color and look natural for little expense. Paula Young Wigs has been in business for over 30 years. They are world lead... Read More »

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The Difference Between Paula Deen Cookware & Paula Deen Signature Cookware?

Paula Deen Traditional Porcelain Cookware and Signature Porcelain Cookware sets are very similar. Although they may seem like the same product, subtle differences set them apart. Before you decide ... Read More »

Is it too young to wear make up at the age of 12?

yea its too young! but if you look like your avator then i think you should pick some up.

Is 11 too young to wear makeup?

Yeah I think she's totally too young. She obv does not need it. Limit her to chapstick and lipgloss for now. That's crazy if she's wearing that much already. I DON'T even wear THAT much.

Is 7 too young to wear make-up?

Yes, unless you are hiding a birth defect.