How to Wear Suicide Girl-Inspired Makeup?

Answer If you are searching for a new get-up for a costume party or you are just intrigued by an alternate appearance, the "Suicide Girl" look may be a worthy makeover for you. You don't even have to get ... Read More »

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How old does a girl have to be to wear makeup?

i think it depends on how mature the girl is and where she lives...if shes 12 and is really goofy and i think that could wait...however if they're twelve and mature you could think ab... Read More »

How much makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?

I'm 12 turning 13 in 2 days. I wear makeup daily and I wear noticible makeup (but not dark blues and green or black!). The first thing you should do is ask your parents how they feel of your sis we... Read More »

Do you think its appropriate for a 7 year old girl to wear makeup.?

Absolutely not. The chemicals will do her no good and the message it sends to people who may see her will not be what a parent wants communicated. Let a 7-year-old be a little girl and leave the ... Read More »

What kind of makeup should a 13 yr old girl wear?

Minimal. I wore too much when I was 13. Stick with mascara and blush maybe concealer. Eye shadow is nice but is usual too much