How to Wear Neon Colors?

Answer Neon can be fun to wear on a dark and dreary day. The vivid colors can add a funky punch to your outfit and may even brighten your mood. When worn the right way, neon can completely transform a som... Read More »

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I want to wear colors to support Boston. What colors should I wear?

How to Get Different Colors in Neon Signs?

Neon signs have been available since the turn of the 20th century when Georges Claude, a French chemist and inventor, discharged electricity into a sealed tube filled with neon gas to make a lamp. ... Read More »

How many colors can neon make?

Neon, an inert noble gas, can only produce a red glow when electrified. Colors other than red in neon signs are produced with other elements, including argon (which glows blue) and mercury (which i... Read More »

What makes neon change colors?

Neon is a colorless gas that glows red-orange when voltage from electrodes is passed through the gas. Other gases glow in different colors--mercury glows blue--and can replace neon in these instanc... Read More »