How to Wear Makeup Under Eye Glasses?

Answer Makeup is a beauty accessory, much like a purse or shoes are fashion accessories, that should match nicely and accentuate your best features. Those who wear glasses need a bit of strategy in their ... Read More »

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How to Do Makeup for Women Who Wear Glasses?

Wearing glasses brings more attention -- wanted or not -- to your eyes. So, if you're a woman who wears glasses, you may want to pay more attention to your eye makeup. However, more makeup is not t... Read More »

Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses?

Many women are unsure when it comes to mastering the art of eye makeup application for eyeglasses. Should you have a less-is-more attitude, or apply more makeup so that your eyes stand out behind t... Read More »

People who wear distance you always wear your glasses when you're out etc?

I wear them all the time.When I don't wear them, I don't get confused, but I can't see well at all. Given my prescription, that's not at all surprising.

Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.