How to Wear Eyeliner?

Answer Eyeliner may be one of the oldest ways women (and men, too) used to adorn their face. Anyone who has seen an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus knows that eyeliner was pretty much standard issue. Eyeline... Read More »

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I want to wear eyeliner AND im a guy?

Guys wearing eye-liner is FIT...just go in and buy it no prob xx

Do I wear too much eyeliner, or does it look okay?

TOO MUCH EYELINER?Are you serious...Uhh your eyes look're gorgeous.It doesn't even look like you're wearing eyeliner in that picture.You should see ME. I wear alotoh, and go type in scene... Read More »

Do I wear too much eyeliner?

You do wear a lot of eyeliner, but that's part of your look. You wear what you want

Do you wear eyeliner?

I wear it because i think it enhances my eyes, and i used to think that a lot of people did. Then i was playing "never have i ever..." with some friends and one of them said "never have i ever worn... Read More »