How to Wean From Breast Milk?

Answer There are several reasons you may want to wean your child from breastmilk. If you are returning to work, you may no longer be able to consistently breastfeed. If your baby is not growing properly o... Read More »

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How to Wean From the Breast Pump?

Breastfeeding mothers often choose to use a breast pump to express milk when they can not be present for feedings, storing the milk for future use. Some mothers express their milk for all feedings ... Read More »

How to Wean From a Bottle to a Sippy Cup With Whole Milk?

Some babies have more difficulties than others when it's time to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup and begin drinking whole milk. Some babies may start using a sippy cup at the age of 6 month... Read More »

How to Switch From Breast Milk to Whole Milk?

The transition from breast to whole milk can be jarring for your little one. Not only does it disrupt your baby's normal routine of suckling at your breast, but also the taste and nutritional conte... Read More »

How can I keep my breast milk from drying up?

Continue to drink plenty of fluids, as you are doing, and increase the amount if you can. Eat a well balanced diet, and do not try to cut calories to lose weight. This is the number one cause of ... Read More »