How to Water a Pecan Tree?

Answer Pecan trees produce harvests of delicious, mild-tasting nuts popular in pies, candy and other dishes. Pecans also make a nutritious and easily portable protein snack. Proper watering has a greater ... Read More »

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How do I pot a pecan tree?

TimingPot the pecan tree in the late winter or very early spring, while the tree is dormant. Soak the roots of the plant for three hours if they appear dry. Cut the taproot--the main root--to a len... Read More »

How to Cut a Pecan Tree?

Pecan trees are a delight to have on your property and are found growing most thickly in the Southern United States. Even one tree can yield a large amount of pecan fruits that are delicious simply... Read More »

Parts of a Pecan Tree?

The pecan tree (Carya illinoensis) has the reputation of being one of North America's "most valuable cultivated plants," according to the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees: Eastern Reg... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a pecan tree?

The full scientific name for the pecan tree is Carya illinoinensis. It is part of the family Juglandaceae, which makes it related to the walnut. All varieties of pecan trees come from this species.... Read More »