How to Water Rubber Plants?

Answer The rubber tree, known formally as the Ficus elastica, is a popular houseplant due to its compact size and minimal care requirements. The rubber tree is native to Indonesia and does well in tropica... Read More »

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Information on How to Care for Rubber Plants?

Rubber plants, known botanically as Ficus elastica, are glossy-leaved ornamental plants native to northeast India and southern Indonesia. In the United States, rubber plants can be grown as attract... Read More »

How to Plant Rubber Tree Plants?

Rubber tree plants are a member of the Ficus family and have the scientific name Ficus elastica. The plants are small when young and are frequently grown indoors in pots. Rubber trees eventually ou... Read More »

Information on Rubber Tree Plants?

Rubber trees, Hevea brasiliensis, grow mostly in humid, tropical countries. It is grown for the latex it produces, from which natural rubber is extracted. Tapping the rubber tree involves making sm... Read More »

Are rubber tree plants toxic?

The tree most commonly known as the rubber tree, Ficus elastica, is not toxic. However, the Ficus benjamina, also known as the small-leaved rubber plant, is toxic. The sap from the Ficus benjamin... Read More »