How to Watch an R Rated Movie on Netflix without Your Parents Knowing?

Answer Netflix has an R-rated movie you want to see but your parents won't let you. Here is how to watch it.

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How to Watch Netflix Without Your Parents Knowing What You Watched?

You may want to watch a TV show or a new movie, but you feel stupid asking your parents permission, and it will show up on "Recently Watched."  There's no way to stop it from showing up there, but... Read More »

How to Watch an R Rated Movie Secrectly With Your Parents Home?

It's better to watch them without them, but you can still so it with them in the house

How to Watch Late Night TV Without Your Parents Knowing?

Wanna watch Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note or other similar shows when your parents stay up late or check on you in your room every 5 minutes? Here's how.

Can anyone tell me a good netflix movie I may like to watch?

Insidious, it's a great horror movie that makes you think a lot about what is going on and it is very entertaining, it isn't disturbing and gory like some movies, yet it still creeps you out