How to Watch Videos on Television Across a Network?

Answer Videos come from many more sources than they once did. In a modern family home, video content may be on cable or satellite, stored on DVDs, watched on websites or saved on computers. Although comp... Read More »

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I record videos from my computer monitor using the motion picture setting on my digital camera When I playback videos I see waves and ripples across the video How can I prevent or reduce the waves?

The Nikon F-401 (N4004 in North America) was an,, (SLR) http://wiki.answers.... Read More »

Is television broadcast across radio waves?

TV is broadcast across radio waves in the 54 to 890 mhz range. Early broadcasts were limited to line-of-sight; any obstacle in the path of the signal caused distortion or loss of signal. Broadcasti... Read More »

LCD television with dark band across middle of screen?

You have either the LVDI (display driver) card gone sour on you, or the display itself. Take the set in for service, if it is the signal board, it might just be worth repair, if it's the display, y... Read More »

Your network television what channell is it on Dish Network?

I wanted to know why the cw is not offered on direct tv and if theres anything that can be done to have it added to their packages?