How to Watch TV on PSP Over WiFi?

Answer Sony PSP devices are hand-held wireless wonders that have more features than any of the other hand-held gaming devices on the market. One of the nearly exclusive features of the PSP is the ability ... Read More »

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I can only watch videos over 3G, won't work over wifi, just wanna know how to fix it.?

Make sure your wifi settings is turned on.

What movie could you watch over and over and over?

POLL: What MOVIE can you WATCH over and OVER and OVER?

One Movie, FRIDAY (Also Rush Hour 1 & 2).

Do you ever wonder why you watch the same movie(s) over and over again?

Some of them I just love certain parts and can't wait to see them again or the scenery and effects are stunning or I didn't understand the whole thing the first time or the main character is someon... Read More »