How to Wash a Twist When Trying to Get Dreads?

Answer Dreadlock twists are essentially baby dreadlocks. They look like dreadlocks, but have not matured and need special care if you want them to grow into true dreads. Use the right shampoo and thorough... Read More »

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How to Twist & Pin Dreads?

Dreadlocks are a style that can express religious or spiritual convictions, a way to show ethnic pride, or to make a political or fashion statement. Twist and pin is one of several methods people u... Read More »

How to Do Single-Twist Dreads?

Although it works best on thick, curly hair, people with almost any type of hair can start dreadlocks using the single-twist technique. This technique involves twisting and rolling the hair in your... Read More »

How to Twist Hair to Create Dreads?

When beginning dreadlocks, you have several options for this unique hairstyle. Twists work well with kinky hair when growing dreadlocks because twists are usually able to hold their style with mini... Read More »

How to Get a Single Twist to Lock Into Dreads Quicker?

A single-twist dreadlock requires tightly twisting each section of hair in one fluid movement and in one direction around your finger or the tooth of a comb. Twisting is a common method of creating... Read More »