How to Wash a Fence With Chemicals?

Answer Fences are an asset to any property, providing both security and privacy. However, over time, exposure to the outdoor elements causes them to look dingy and gray, in the case of wooden fences. To r... Read More »

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Why should you wash your hands before and after using chemicals?

Some chemicals can be extremely toxic if they come in contact with the skin or are ingested. It is always a good idea to wash your hands after handling them in order to help prevent accidental inge... Read More »

How to Install an Electronic Dog Fence With an Existing Wooden Fence?

If you have a wooden fence and still have problems keeping your dog in the yard, an electronic fence can help. Burying an underground fence along the base of the wooden fence can stop a dog from di... Read More »

I Live in row of houses,fence each side of gaeden,dispute with neighbour which side of fence belongs to whom?

if the posts are on your side, it's your fence.If there is a dispute, get the measuring tape out. Sometimes the front of the fence will be EXACTLY on the boundary line. In other words , the entire ... Read More »

I have some cotton nightgowns .. how do i wash them.. do i wash them separately or mixed in with my?

It all depends if they are all white or different colors. If they're different colors - then just wash them with your other clothing that is also different colors. If they are white - then they m... Read More »