How to Wash a Black Car?

Answer To wash a black car requires a special touch. Dirt shows up more easily, and those damn swirl marks drive you crazy, I'm sure. But if you don't want to pay $40 every week to get your car washed a... Read More »

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Can i wash something that is dark red and black plaid with black and dark blue?

If you have never washed them before it may well run but it takes a lot to dye jeans and black leggings won't be affected I wouldnt' think? Just wash them seperately the first time or with an old t... Read More »

How to Wash a Black Car Without Scratching It?

The secret to washing a black car without scratching it is to avoid contaminating the cleaning tools. Even tiny pieces of grit or debris can cause noticeable scratches in the paint. Harsh commercia... Read More »

How Often Should Black Women Wash Their Hair?

A crankcase depression regulator (CDR) canister is a positive crankcase ventilation system utilized on many diesel engines, including the Ford 6.9 liter turbo-diesel. A CDR vent on diesel engines p... Read More »

How to Acid Wash Black Jeans?

In acid washing, the top layer of color is stripped away on a piece of clothing to expose the white fabric underneath. The process is usually done on jeans or other denim clothing. It creates a wor... Read More »