How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

Answer It's still important--if not more important--to wash your car on a regular basis, even in the winter. Salt, dirt, snow and other debris can get on your car, wearing away at your car's enamel and pa... Read More »

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How do I wash windows in the winter?

Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Also pour 1 tsp. of dish detergent to the bottle for heavily soiled windows. Spray the solution onto your windows, and wipe clean with ... Read More »

How do I wash my windows in the winter?

Prepare to Clean the WindowsMix together one cup of water and two cups of automotive window cleaner from an auto supply store. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and bring the bottle, a squeegee... Read More »

Homemade Winter Windshield Wash?

Making your own homemade windshield wash fluid for cold weather is an easy process. It's just important to incorporate an ingredient that will work as an anti-freeze and de-icer, making it easy to ... Read More »

If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?

Sounds like her hair used to be really greasy because she washed it way too often and possibly striped it from its natural oils. Or she could've been using shampoo/conditioner that wasn't suited fo... Read More »