How to Wash Window Screens?

Answer Instead of viewing the world outside your windows through dirty window screens, take the time once or twice each year to remove them from the windows and clean them. After you see the difference be... Read More »

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Can I use vinegar to wash black fiberglass window screens?

You can use vinegar as a chemical-free way to clean fiberglass window screens. Vinegar is safe on all fiberglass surfaces. Mix equal parts warm water and warm white distilled vinegar, and apply wit... Read More »

How do I take off window screens?

Open WindowOpen the window from the inside of the building. Remain inside to remove the screen. Remove the top screen first if the window houses two screen panels.Expose ClipAdd pressure to the bot... Read More »

How do i paint window screens?

Remove the screen from the window and place it on top of a fabric drop cloth. Abrade the screen if it is vinyl. Promote paint adhesion by sanding the vinyl with 300-grit sandpaper. Skip this step i... Read More »

How to Replace Window Screens?

Screen windows may become damaged over time, but replacing the entire screen and frame isn't your only option. Whether the window frames are metal, vinyl or wood, replacing the screen requires only... Read More »