How to Wash Dark Colors?

Answer Dark-colored clothing can be made of any kind of fabric imaginable, from simple, cotton to silk. Solids and patterns, in rich synthetics or everyday work fabrics, might share only a color shade. Al... Read More »

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Do light colors or dark colors show wall imperfections?

Choose a wall color in a darker shade. A dark color conceals irregularities much better than a light color since it absorbs more light. Also, avoid anything with a sheen or gloss, and use a flat or... Read More »

Can i wash something that is dark red and black plaid with black and dark blue?

If you have never washed them before it may well run but it takes a lot to dye jeans and black leggings won't be affected I wouldnt' think? Just wash them seperately the first time or with an old t... Read More »

Can you wash colors with borax?

Borax is a naturally occurring multi-use cleaning product and has no color-leaching properties. It can be used with white and color laundry as a detergent booster and alternative to color-safe blea... Read More »

Do you like dark colors ... .. ?

Dark colours are good,such as purple,black etc.You can dress them up with accessories.Not a lover of beige-beige is drab,gloomy & boring.As for makeup colours,I don't wear too much just the basics ... Read More »