How to Wash Angora Rabbit Fibers?

Answer The fur of angora rabbits is collected when the animal sheds every few months. These fibers have hollow centers which give them the insulating qualities that make angora widely used in the producti... Read More »

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How to Sell Angora Rabbit Fur?

The angora rabbit is a beautiful, sweet-natured animal with a soft coat. Angora rabbit wool has been used for everything from scarves to sweaters and for centuries has been a prized material in the... Read More »

How to Wash a Rabbit?

Cleaning your rabbit is kind of hard to do, so we'll help you out! Remember that rabbits can't be in water so that's the difficult part. One way is with a spray bottle, another with a washcloth.

How to Wash a Rabbit With Vinegar?

You can wash a rabbit's environment with vinegar to eliminate odors and to remove waste buildup, but don't wash the rabbit with vinegar. Vinegar helps to remove substances that cause odors in a rab... Read More »

How to Fold a Rabbit Wash Cloth?

Making a bunny from a washcloth is a great way to change a facecloth from blah to cute! In addition, this lovely design can be used for several things, from Easter gifts for brand new washcloths to... Read More »