How to Wash A Car At A Car Wash-In 5 minutes?

Answer Time is money, especially when you're paying by the minute to use someone else's soap and water. There is something of an art, very nearly a dance, involved in making the most of your time at the l... Read More »

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How to Wash Clothes in a Few Minutes?

This is for you snoozers that get up too late, forget to wash some clothes, and just want them turned out acceptable and smelling fresh!

If you dont wash your hair for 2 - 3 weeks does it wash itself?

Sounds like her hair used to be really greasy because she washed it way too often and possibly striped it from its natural oils. Or she could've been using shampoo/conditioner that wasn't suited fo... Read More »

Can I machine wash my Joe Rocket polyester mesh jacket in a gentle wash?

cold water gentle wash hang to dry. should be all right.

How to wash out semi permanent dye in one wash/very quickly?

mix hair bleach and shampoo together and it will strip that color out! do it when your in the shower washing your hair, let it sit on there for a little bit and rinse it out, if it doesnt come out ... Read More »