How to Wake-Up Your Eyes?

Answer This optical illusion make-up trick will give you big, bright eyes. Does this Spark an idea?

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Do you wake up or open your eyes first?

Why do your eyes hurt when you wake up and turn on the light for the first time today in the morning?

because throughout the night, the muscles in your eyes were relaxed due to the darkness. when you wake up, your muscles suddenly contract so that less light can enter your eye. it contracts in orde... Read More »

What's that crap in your eyes that you get everytime you wake up in the morning?

The scientific term for the yellowish crystalline substance sometimes found encrusted on eyelids when you wake up is “Rheum”, or gound.It is also commonly referred to as “sand” or “sleepâ... Read More »

Red eyes when I wake up?

Firstly you have to get enough sleep. That will help a lot for red eyes. Secondly if the air ventilation in the room is bad when you sleep, then eyes can get that red appearance. You don't have to ... Read More »