How to Waive College Application Fees?

Answer Coughing up $35 to $50 to apply for admission to a college can be a burden, especially if you want to keep your options open and apply to half-dozen schools. Fortunately, most colleges will waive t... Read More »

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Canadian Universities That Waive Application Fees?

Finding a Canadian university that will waive its application fees is not an easy task. Although most colleges will grant a waiver to those who present a financial hardship, they don't wish to make... Read More »

Is a medical provider legally allowed to waive fees?

What are the Filing Fees for a Patent Application?

Patents give inventors of original and novel work the exclusive rights to use, make and distribute the patented work. The three types of patents are utility, design and plant. Each covers a differe... Read More »

US Colleges That Do Not Charge Application Fees to Apply?

Tuition and other fees associated with attending college are usually expensive enough without having to also pay a fee just to apply to the school. Luckily, there are a number of colleges across th... Read More »