How to Visit Switzerland?

Answer This landmark is located in LuzernSwitzerland is located in Central Europe, bordering Germany in the north, Austria in the east, Italy in the South and France in the west. It has four major regions... Read More »

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When best time to visit switzerland?

You'll need to be prepared for a range of temperatures, as the mountains create a variety of local and regional microclimates. That said, most of the country has a central European climate, with da... Read More »

Places to visit in Switzerland?

From Zurich go to Zermatt, spend one night there. Next day go to Luzern, the most beautiful little city of Switzerland. In Luzern take a boat cruise to Vitznau, you'll see the most beautiful landsc... Read More »

What is the best city to visit in Switzerland?

And how long is a piece of string...?There are no cities in the Swiss alps, just villages (a Swiss town needs to have 10'000 inhabitants to be called a town). In the alps, you'll find mainly touris... Read More »

What should visit in switzerland in 3 days?

There is no country called "Swiss". If you want to know what to do in Switzerland in three days: Use the "Ask" windows (;_y… ) in order to get instant answers... Read More »