How to View Yourself With Different Hairstyles?

Answer Changing your look can be intimidating, especially when it comes to hairstyles. The good news is there are several makeover websites that allow you to upload your photo and "try on" hairstyles to s... Read More »

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Does anybody know a site that you can upload a picture of yourself and try on different hairstyles for free?…

Different Hairstyles With Fringes?

Bangs, or fringe as they are often called in the U.K. and Australia, can be a great way to frame your face or update your look. The two main types of bangs are full bangs and side bangs, with the l... Read More »

Different Hairstyles with Bangs?

When choosing a hairstyle with bangs, keep in mind that hair texture, overall length and style help determine which bang will best suit you. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Make Yourself Look Different With Makeup Shading?

Foundations and highlight powders can be applied in a variety of techniques to change the shape of your face. Using colors that are darker than your own skin tone is the key to hiding imperfections... Read More »