How to View Settings for MS Office?

Answer With the new abandonment of the traditional menu bar in most of the programs in Microsoft Office, you may be left wondering where their settings are located. Clicking through the ribbon tabs offers... Read More »

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How to View Router Settings?

The default settings on an Ethernet or wireless router are customized to allow it to run with most Internet service providers. The router can be accessed to change these settings or to change the d... Read More »

How to View Microsoft Office Work Mail on Home Computer Using Microsoft Office Software?

Outlook is an application that allows you to manage your email, contacts and calendar with one interface. The application is a client in the sense that it retrieves data from a server and puts it i... Read More »

How to adjust my screen colour settings in order to correctly view 3D movies?

Have you tried any of the many web sites available for such information, a quick search using Google and these keywords will get you started: 3d movie monitor settings.

Where are QST file settings for Office 2007?

There is no file extension "QST" located or used by any program or application within Microsoft Windows, including Microsoft Office 2007. The term "QST" stands for Quick Trading Screen and is a fe... Read More »