How to View Microbes With Microscopes?

Answer Because microbes are too small to observe directly, microbiologists use microscopes and laboratory techniques to view the specimens. These techniques rely on color changes that, unlike the microbes... Read More »

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The Early Discoveries With Microscopes?

Primitive microscopes have existed since ancient times, when Egyptians used convex lens as magnifying glasses. Later innovations in magnification included Roger Bacon's writing in the 13th century ... Read More »

Can we see chromosomes with the microscopes used in classrooms?

You can see chromosomes using standard classroom microscopes, called compound or light microscopes. The chromosomes are not always visible, however. They can only be seen during prophase, when the ... Read More »

What did Robert Koch discover with microscopes?

German scientist Robert Koch used microscopes to discover the specific bacteria responsible for tuberculosis, anthrax and cholera. In addition, he was also able to identify the germ responsible fo... Read More »

Classification of Microbes?

Microbes or microorganisms are small unicellular (single-cell) living bodies that are abundant in our surrounding environment. These are the oldest form of life on Earth, which have survived and fe... Read More »